Alpine SPR-50C - 13cm component speakers

Alpine SPR-50C – 13cm component speakers

Type-R speakers are engineered to deliver prodigious power while maintaining extreme sound clarity, for totally exciting sound. They provide high power handling, wide frequency response and a powerful bass kick. The Type-R series includes both component and coaxial models, both of which are highly efficient and provide good installability in a wide range of vehicles.

Using some of the same technologies as the Type-R subwoofers, such as HAMR Surround for extremely long cone excursion while maintaining maximum control, these speakers deliver deep, muscular bass that gives your sound a powerful punch.

Thanks to a powerful, compact neodymium magnet, small network and slim basket, the Type-R speakers are much more compact than you would expect, allowing installation in the doors of a wide range of vehicles.

5.25″ (13cm) Component Speakers
Hybrid Multi Layer Cone
Linear Drive Technology
Ring Radiator Tweeter
High Grade Network Components



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