Directed PKE 2102T Proximity Keyless Entry

Directed PKE 2102T Proximity Keyless Entry

9x different install options including stand alone, in D2D, RF pass through and more
2 antennas for precise sensing of fob and consistent operating range
One button fob with door lock/unlock control for active control of locks
Horn and parking light control for user alert of lock/unlock
Remotely activated/deactivated valet mode
Door open interlock feature which prevents the doors from locking if the door is open and fob leaves the active zone
Starter interrupt feature for added security
SmartLock (Intelligent lock/unlock management when frequently around your vehicle)
RFTD tag with rolling code technology
APS (Acute perimeter sensing) technology
RF pass through making it virtually plug and play with most Viper or Clifford remote starters and security systems
D2D port for quick and easy installs with an Xpresskit interface module
APM (Advanced Power management technology which allows the 2102 to draw extremely little power from the car (10ma)



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