• Ultra-long FSK communication range (Two-way range over 9000ft).
  • Code hopping technology for anti-scanning and anti-grabbing.
  • Compatible with factory security system.
  • Multiple user-programmable features.
  • Visual and Audio alert on remote.
  • Shock Sensor Car/alarm status.
  • LCD display on remote.
  • Long range remote start with gear position checking.
  • Multiple signal detection (Tach, High-Voltage and Oil sensor) for remote start.
  • Reservation mode and Turbo mode selectable.
  • Valet mode.
  • Anti-car jacking system.
  • Door/hood/trunk sensors.
  • Silent arm/disarm/alert.
  • Automatic windows roll-up.
  • Automatic dome light supervision.
  • Remote trunk release.
  • Programmable auxiliary output.
  • Interface of microwave sensor or optional sensor.
  • Smart LED indicator.
  • Six-tone 120db siren.
  • Remote query function.
  • Turbo mode function.
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption of remote control.
  • Real-time clock and personal alarm clock of remote control.
  • Keyboard lock and LED backlight.
  • Remote engine starter.


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