Hit the road with the immense, rich, detailed sound the JBL® brand is known for. In your car. (Yes, your car.) In addition to the serious bass of a Plus One® woofer cone, an edge-driven My-Ti(TM) dome tweeter and super-tweeter produce extended high frequencies like the best home audio speakers do. This attention to detail is rarely given to car audio. It’s a game-changer.

Patented Plus One® woofer cone
The JBL-only Plus-One® woofer cone (patent # 7,548,631 B2) is exceptionally stiff, lightweight and has up to 25 percent more active surface area than you’ll ever find on competing models of the same size. You get an audible boost in bass output and efficiency.

Home theater-quality tweeter and super-tweeter
Listen loud. It’s a high-bandwidth, edge-driven dome tweeter with a large voice coil, just like high-end home audio loudspeakers. The My-Ti(TM) construction (a proprietary Mylar®-titanium composite) delivers great power handling. And a My-Ti (TM) dome super tweeter extends high frequencies to deliver every last nuance of sound.

More true sound from a built-in crossover network
By using a built-in crossover network with advanced high and low pass filters, the GTO938 creates a smooth transition between the woofer and tweeters. The result? Midrange vocals that sound so natural and lifelike, you’ll think the artist is sitting next to you in your car’s passenger seat.

Can be safely driven by any head unit
The GTO938 is compatible with aftermarket head units and factory-installed systems. Designed as replacements for factory-installed OEM speakers, the GTO938 is easily installed into nearly any factory-built 6-by-9-inch location.

True 4-ohm topology performance
For the most powerful performance, the GTO938 makes the best use of any amplifier by providing an optimum 2-ohm load. It uses a lower-impedance voice coil than a typical speaker to extract the most possible power and performance from all amplifiers engineered to drive loads of 4 ohms or less.

Outstanding audio output
This muscular speaker offers 300 watts of peak power handling with a frequency response of 50Hz to 21kHz. Hit the gas and have fun.

Easy installation in any factory location
Doing it yourself? Designed as replacements for impotent factory-installed OEM speakers, the GTO938 easily installs into nearly any factory-built 6-by-9-inch location without any special tools or additional modifications. You’ll be listening to your new JBL® speakers in no time at all.



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